Nina Volf

JuMBO PhD thesis supervisor: Prof. Serena Zacchigna, ICGEB

Summary of career/studies
I obtained my BSc degree in Biotechnology and Drug Discovery at the University of Rijeka, Croatia and the most recently a MSc in Biotechnology in Medicine at the University of Rijeka, Croatia. Laboratory of Cardiovascular Biology at ICGEB has already sparked my interest in 2017 when I joined it for the master thesis project with the aim to understand the poor angiogenic capacity of the adult heart. I decided to continue with the PhD at the Cardiovascular Biology Group since I realized that in future I wish to further investigate the complex processes of endothelial cell biology. My PhD project is focused on addressing methodological challenges limiting our capacity to efficiently control endothelial cell activity and complexity of angiogenesis.

Why JuMBO PhD?

I chose the JuMBO PhD Programme because of its international environment. Besides providing us a basic knowledge in molecular biology, it offers a great opportunity to get familiar with relevant research institutes in the area and their technical expertise, possibly leading to many fruitful collaborations in the future.