Francesca Simoncello

JuMBO PhD thesis supervisor: Dr.ssa Federica Benvenuti, ICGEB

Summary of career/studies

I earned a bachelor's degree in Biotechnology at University of Pavia. Then, I moved to Trieste to obtain master's degree in Medical Biotechnology. 

I attended an internship in tumor immunology at International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Trieste, under the supervision of Dr.ssa Federica Benvenuti.

During my internship I worked on the role of lactic acid as modulator of functions of dendritic cells into tumor microenvironment. I firstly tested innate and adaptive functions of dendritic cells in vitro, secondly in vivo

Why JuMBO PhD?

I strongly believe that the JUMBO PhD will allow my personal growth in an intellectually challenging and international environment.