Dr. Federica Benvenuti

Group Leader


Cellular Immunology


Federica Benvenuti leads the Cellular Immunology Groups at ICGEB, Trieste. She graduated in Biology at University of Trieste and she obtained her PhD in Molecular Immunology at ICGEB working on the development of DNA vaccines against B cell malignancies. She next moved for a post-doc in the lab of Sebastian Amigorena at the Institute Curie in Paris where she started to work on the biology of T cell priming by dendritic cells. Combining functional assays of T cell activation to time lapse imaging of the physical interaction between DCs and T cells she showed the critical role of an intact actin cytoskeleton in DCs for efficient T cell priming. She continued to study the intracellular trafficking pathways operating in DCs during priming, unveiling the importance of cell polarity and membrane trafficking proteins in this processusing mouse knockout models and quantitative microscopy. The lab recently started to investigate the cell biological basis of loss of function of DCs in cancer. 


Selected Publications

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