Cristina Bez

JuMBO PhD thesis supervisor: Dr. Vittorio Venturi, ICGEB

Summary of career/studies

I got my Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and my Master’s degree in Functional Genomics at the University of Trieste. From the beginning of my academic carrier my main field of interest has been molecular biology of bacteria. During my Master’s thesis, at the ICGEB, under Dr.Venturi’s supervison, I had the opportunity to increase my interest in bacteriology and more specifically in bacterial comunication and cellular signaling.

Now my project is studying the molecular mechanisms of the interkingdom signaling between plants and plant-associated bacteria and the role of signaling in emerging bacterial plant pathogens.

Why JuMBO PhD?

I chose to enroll in JuMBO PhD program, because I strongly believe that it will give me the opportunity to consolidate my research skills in order to become, in a near future, an indipendent researcher.