Veronica Bazzani

JuMBO PhD thesis supervisor: Dr. Carlo Vascotto University of Udine

Summary of career/studies

I obtained my Bachelor degree in Biotechnology in Udine and then I moved to Siena, where I enrolled in the Medical Biotechnologies' Master. During my Erasmus I moved to Germany at the Max Planck Institute of Dresden in Marc Bickle's High Throughput Screening Facility. Back to Siena, I defended a thesis on the role of mutated RyR1 in a cell model, under the supervision of Prof. Sorrentino. In 2016 I came back to Udine to work in Dr. Carlo Vascotto's lab.

Why JuMBO PhD?

I chose the Jumbo programme because the environment created by the collaboration of four different institutes gives me the opportunity to meet young enthusiastic Ph.D. students from all over the World, creating a really exciting place where to work.