Research Projects November 2016 - Course Program

Research Projects

These Projects are available starting from November 2016.



Student n. 1

Investigating the impact of altered allelic dosage of the transcription factor gene Foxg1 on neocortical histogenesis.

Please contact Prof. Antonello Mallamaci, 

Student n. 2

Development of ante-mortem diagnostic tests for neurodegenrative diseases.

Please contact Prof. Giuseppe Legname, 



Student n. 1

Rice microbiome and rice plant health.

Please contact Dr. Vittorio Venturi,

For more details see here.

Student n. 2

Unravel the mechanism of lactate-mediated suppression of dendritic cells in lung cancer and setting up a system to identify novel pathways of suppression.

Please contact Dr. Federica Benvenuti,

For more details see here.


University of Trieste

Student n. 1

To be determined.


University of Udine

Student n. 1

To be determined.


Course Program: Schedule 2017-2018, TBD

The Course program consists of three different types of events: courses and lectures, thematic workshops, individual seminars.

Courses and lectures from last academic year

A series of courses and lectures will be held within the first two months from the starting date. They will provide an exceptionally broadly based education in molecular biology.

The first week will be held at SISSA (SISSA schedule). It will consist of courses on:

  • Neurobiology of disease
  • Functional genomics of the nervous system
  • Engineering the mammalian genome
  • Computational biology

The second week will be held at ICGEB (ICGEB schedule). It will consist on a general Introductory Course in Molecular biology. Lectures will cover the following topics:

  • DNA replication
  • DNA recombination and repair
  • Processing and microRNA metabolism
  • Regulation of Gene expression
  • Dynamic organisation of nuclear structure and fucntion
  • Protein synthesis and interactions
  • Protein structure
  • Cell cycle and cancer
  • Human molecular Genetics
  • Animal models of Human diseases
  • Molecular Genetics of Drosophila
  • Molecualr Genetics of Bacteria
  • Introduction to Animal Virology
  • Molecular and Cellular Immunology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Brief lectures will be also given on technologies including:
  • Microscopy
  • Flow cytometry

The third and fourth weeks will be held at the Universities of Trieste (UniTS schedule) and Udine (UniUD schedule), with courses on:

  • Molecular Oncology
  • Functional Genomics
  • System Biology and Bioinformatics

Thematic workshops

Thematic workshops will be organized by each institution on the most challenging topics in contemporary molecular biology.

Within this context, students will attend two workshops and courses at ICGEB.

Individual seminars

The four institutions provide an excellent repertory of seminars that will be mandatory for Jumbo students. Selected seminars will be communicated case-by-case.

The organization will provide all the necessary arrangements for attending lectures in remote.