Marco Fantuz

JuMBO PhD thesis supervisor: Prof. Giannino Del Sal Univeristy of Trieste

Summary of career/studies

I graduated in 2013 at the University of Trieste in Biotechnology. Then, I attended the Master Degree program in Medical Biotechologies, in the Molecular Medicine curriculum, at the same University, graduating in 2015. I developed both my Bachelor and my Master thesis in professor Del Sal’s laboratory, at LNCIB in Area Science Park, in Trieste, working on microRNAs impact in breast cancer. During my Master degree, I had the chance to work for some months at UC Berkeley, under the supervision of professor Lin He, in a project focused on endogenous retroviruses and their modulation by CRISPRi systems, in order to unravel their contribution to the development of the human embryo.

Why JuMBO PhD?

Since I was little, I always had a strong passion for nature and for understanding how things work. Pushed by my curiosity, I pursued this interest by following a career that allowed me to study how the molecules interact with each other and how the cells work. For this reason, I chose to enroll in this PhD program, because I believe that it will give me the chance to work with top notch institutions and very skilled colleagues, that will help me in my development as a scientist.