Lorenzo Bascetta

JuMBO PhD thesis supervisor: Prof. Giannino Del Sal University of Trieste

Summary of career/studies

In 2012 I obtained the Bachelor Degree in Biotechnologies at University of Pisa. Then, I attended the Master Degree program in Molecular and Cellular Biology, graduating cum laude in October 2014. I did my experimental thesis at the Institute of Clinical Physiology (IFC) at CNR of Pisa, under the supervision of Dr. Milena Rizzo (“Use of prostate cancer cell lines to identify extracellular microRNAs as putative biomarkers of docetaxel resistance”). My life philosophy is “the best is yet to come”.

Why JuMBO PhD?

Since high school, I had the passion to study biology, pushed by my insatiable curiosity. The beautiful and complex world of molecules interacting in physiological and pathological processes amazed me and made fall in love with molecular biology. Therefore I started this PhD program, in order to get the best training from the four institutions involved and develop as a scientist in an exciting international environment.