Francesca Cesaratto

JuMBO PhD thesis supervisor: Dr. Oscar Burrone ICGEB

Summary of career/studies

Bachelor degree with honor in Biotechnologies at the University of Trieste in 2010 with the thesis “Comparative study of the GABA-activate currents in glia and neurons: Zinc and Copper effects in GABAA–receptors micro-transplanted in Xenopus oocytes”, supervised by Dr. Bernareggi. Master degree with honor in Medical Biotechnologies with the thesis “New approaches for the study of protein retro-translocation from the Endoplasmic Reticulum to the citosol”, under the supervision of prof. Burrone and Dr. Petris.

Why JuMBO PhD?

I like to do research and I began to appreciate molecular biology during my training at ICGEB. It is a very stimulating field, because the more we know about cells mechanisms and functions, the more we know about diseases and how to cure or prevent them. That’s why I want to continue my studies joining the JuMBO PhD program, which proposes an open-minded and exciting environment for professional and even personal growth.