Course Program 2017

Course Program: Starting date 13 november 2017

The Course program consists of three different types of events: courses and lectures, thematic workshops, individual seminars.

Courses and lectures 

A series of courses and lectures will be held within the first two months from the starting date. They will provide an exceptionally broadly based education in molecular biology.

The first week will be held at ICGEB (ICGEB schedule).

The second week will be held at the University of Trieste (UniTS schedule).

The third and fourth weeks will be held at SISSA (SISSA schedule) and the fifth at University of Udine (UniUD schedule).

Thematic workshops

Thematic workshops will be organized by each institution on the most challenging topics in contemporary molecular biology.

Within this context, students will attend two workshops and courses at ICGEB.

Individual seminars

The four institutions provide an excellent repertory of seminars that will be mandatory for Jumbo students. Selected seminars will be communicated case-by-case.

The organization will provide all the necessary arrangements for attending lectures in remote.